Dr. Ahmadi

Dr. Nima Ahmadi moved to Wilmington NC in October 1994 from Tehran, Iran, where he was born and raised.

He got his Double major (B.S. in Biology and B.A Environmental Chemistry) from University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2000 and recognized as Year 2000’s Valid Victorian /Student with the highest GPA.

He attended University of North Carolina School of Dentistry right after and graduated with Honors with his Doctorate Degree in Dental Surgery in 2004.

Dr. Ahmadi gained experience by working in a few multidisciplinary Dental practices prior to establishing Capital Dental Care in 2007. Few years of associate-ship and having worked in different dental settings and environments, helped him gain tremendous experience and helped him enjoy helping and managing multiple patients.

His passion for science, art, and health care allows him to enjoy so many different areas of Dentistry such as operative, oral surgery, endodontic and pediatrics.

Dr. Ahmadi is passionate about Dentistry and enjoys giving patients a new experience every day in patient comfort and gentle handed Dentistry, He has changed thousands of less than perfect patients experiences into positive ones by trying his best to comfort patients and use techniques in general and pediatric Dentistry to gain such.

Dr. Ahmadi enjoys following up what is new in Dentistry by attending Dental conferences and Continue Education courses as much as possible.

Meet Dr. Alvand

Dr. Alvand came to United Stated from Tehran, Iran in 1987, residing in Long Island, New York.

In 1988, after receiving dental assisting certificate, she worked with a prominent dentist as a dental assistant, who strongly encouraged her to become a dentist. Because of her passion for medical field and patient care she continued her medical education in Nursing Degree. After becoming a Registered Nurse, she worked in variety of settings which included homecare nursing, taking care of medically compromised cancer and AIDS patients. Then she continued working in hemodialysis , managing patients during critical time of dialysis. After few years she became an operating room nurse, assisting surgeons operating on complicated cases.

In 1999, she moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and continued to work as a hemodialysis nurse.

Dr. Alvand always had a desire for dentistry giving people healthy smiles. So she decided to take advantage of living in a State with top ranked Dental School and applied at UNC School of Dentistry.

In 2006, she achieved her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from UNC. She continued her education with residency at the VA Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. learning comprehensive cases such as full mouth reconstruction , Root Canal Therapy and Implant Placement and Restoration.
In 2007, she opened her private dental practice in Raleigh, NC .